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Exploration in solidarity lands with Village Monde


Engage with local communities! 

Take action and give meaning to your trip for a better way of living together by forging ties that strengthen your capacity for action, all the while generating positive spin-offs for communities and sustainable tourism initiatives off the beaten track. That's what Village Monde* offers you through its Exploration in Solidarity Lands program!

The program

 Grant: Financial support in the form of a tax-deductible donation receipt. 
Travel period: Anytime!
Number of points required: 0
Eligibility: Canadian or French resident.
Destination: Anywhere on the planet... or almost! 

How to earn this grant?* 

Our grants are awarded through our points system, which rewards the most committed explorers. There is no minimum number of points required for this grant. To participate, please fill in the form below.

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Merci pour votre candidature

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En attendant, nous vous invitons à planifier votre prochaine aventure ici!

* Village Monde is the registered charity behind the Vaolo collaborative platform. Donation receipts can be provided to Canadian and French citizens only. By submitting your application, you agree to receive information about Vaolo explorers and Vaolo exploration programs.
By submitting your application, you agree to receive information about Vaolo explorers and Vaolo exploration programs.


Explore unique places and meet inspiring people while discovering the richness of the territory and the sincerity of committed hosts.


On site, enjoy the moment, be curious, take advantage of the experience and immerse yourself in the local culture and atmosphere of the places you visit.


Share your experience and discoveries with the community, in text or images, to inspire other travelers to follow your steps.

The explorer's mission

To meet, explore and share travel experiences with a positive impact, in order to be a vector for more conscious, human and eco-friendly tourism.

As an Explorer, you'll have a concrete role to play in our mission to promote sustainable travel that supports the social, economic and environmental development of remote communities. You will also raise awareness and mobilize travelers around the importance of responsible tourism. 

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